It's been 2+ years since my j-pouch was constructed.

I have done regular checkups every 3 months and then every 6 months.

But haven't gone to the surgeon since almost a year for the checkup to make sure everything is as expected down under.

Wondering about the need for regular checkups. Is yearly checkup recommended?

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I had my surgery two years ago too with regular check ups like you. I just had my first scope of the pouch done in July. My surgeon told me to see him again in one year. The pouch should be scoped at least every two years to make sure all is okay.
I think somewhere around every 3 years is the benchmark unless you had cancer, low or high grade dysplasia prior to surgery and/or a history of cuffitis since takedown. In the latter case, you should be going annually for scopes and biopsies. I go annually as I had an indefinite diagnosis for low grade dysplasia on my colectomy pathology and cuffitis on and off since takedown. I would, however, be very happy to only go every 3 years as a pouchoscopy with biopsies is an invasive procedure that does carry some risks.

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