2 nd surgery out of 3 and still pain

I had my second surgery out of three the creation of my J pouch and I am still in major pain 25 days later the pain is in my butt for the first time today I had mucus come out. Taking percocets every 4-6 hours. Is this normal the amount of pain? My first surgery I was feeling so much better within 3 weeks. I am worried about taking the percocets this often but I can't go without them way too much pain

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I took 20mg oxy for probably 2 full months after my second out of the three surgeries. I ended up having an abscess and clot in my portal vein that contributed a lot to the as expected post-surgical pain. You definitely should try to push yourself to not take the pain meds, though. My pain tolerance was very low since I had been taking so much oxy so I really had to push myself to come off them. 

lactuca virosa or (wild lettuce). you can get them in liquid extracts, botanics or capsules or just raw material. effects range from mild to sedative depending on the dosage. also, black pepper has a compound cannabinoid called beta - caryophellene (similar to cannabis) when consumed it has anti -inflammatory properties to help with pain. I don't like the side effects of opiates or their cancer causing chemicals in my body. 

Just try it? you might have no more sad faces ...  

I think part of it was definitely related to the abscess, probably not the clot though. They did switch me to tramadol towards the end. It's not a narcotic and it still gave me good relief without the addictive nature and other side effects of the oxy.


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