Hi - I am going about 15 times a day; about half of those are at night, which makes me nervous because I'm not at my best and I start back to work this week.

I am eating the various bulking foods, eating a smallish, early dinner; I am taking Pepto Bismal, Immodium 8x/day, Colestipol, and as of 2 days ago, Metamucil.

The Doc had recommended delaying the urge to have a BM, so as to stretch the pouch, but the cramping sensation/mixed gas pain is very uncomfortable so there is a limit as to how long or often I can delay a bathroom trip (especially when the cramping is keeping me awake at night.)

My questions are: Is this normal for this point in recovery?  And also, What else can I do t help myself?

I am also wondering if my recovery is any different because I'd just finished 6 months of chemo a month before my reversal.

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It very well could be different due to your circumstances.  I remember trying to hold as long as I could.  It definitely gets better as you go along.  At least for me, it did.  That's not saying that I don"t get uncomfortable even now, especially if I hold it for a while longer than I should.  At two years, I go about 5-6 times a day.  I occasionally go at night, but that is either because I ate too late, forgot my Immodium, or ate/drank the wrong thing.  Dr. Reddy also had me wait to add slowing meds.  Right now, I take Immodium in the evenings and Benefiber at breakfast.  Other than that, only calcium, iron and vitamins.  Very rarely, I use Lomotil, when biking, hiking, and traveling.  Give it time; it does take a while.

Look at foods that slow output.  I had a list of different foods that I ate that seemed to help, although it seems that we all have to go through this adjustment period.  When I was about 3 months out, we went away for a few days, foods caused more frequent bm's and terrible butt burn.  Although, I was packing bananas, crackers and cream of wheat as well.  Couldn't wait to get home to my bidet.   Takes a while to see what works for you.

2 1/2 weeks is still very, very early. I can tell that you want to get back to work, but it’s possible that it’s just too soon.

I had my takedown in early August and went back to work at the end of September at a much reduced schedule.  I understand wanting to go back work with the new school year starting, but I also know the demands of being in the classroom .  I was lucky because I worked for a private company and was able to work in the office until I could go back to home visits.  Right now, I am planning to sub in the schools as I am retired from teaching.  My only concern is if I have to use the bathroom.  I'll see how it works out.  Good luck to you!

Thanks, everyone.  I wonder why we skipped trying Lomotil? I may call Maggie tomorrow and ask.

I am trying to refigure my back-to-work schedule. I've been on a reduced hours arrangement since my original surgery, Dec 28, so I may pretty much keep to that for a little while longer. I can do a lot of my job (writing, some phone calls) from home. My boss is incredibly supportive; I am just eager to get back, especially with the new year!

"Teacher"lady is only part of what I do... I am a pastor. The current game plan involves me being present in Sunday services as of Sept 1, and I am planning to deliver sermons as of the next week. One service per weekend.  I can write sermons, articles, programming notes from home. But I'd like to be able to be up front and public for that small amount of time each week.

I remember when I would have bad UC flares, and sometimes being out, away from home, seemed to make my gut go quiet for a few hours. I am wondering if the same thing might happen in my current circumstance.  I was able to be at a funeral a week ago with  no mishaps.....

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