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Since I might have Crohn's Disease, I decided to do some investigating.

Most of you know that I had UC and had the surgery and have a J-Pouch since 1994. Since early May, I have been having so many gut problems. Seems anything I eat, no matter how little I eat, puts me in some pain with symptoms of bad cramps and extreme amount of Gas. I always feel bloated and am afraid to go anywhere. The disgusting part is that when I pass gas, and I always take Beano, the stench is gross. I don't even want to go over anyone's house because of it.

I have had Pouchitis way too many times and though I was scoped last month, my pouch only has a little inflamation.

For Milk, I started drinking Soy Milk but that caused me to have Kidney Stones. So I switched to Rice Milk and have been on it for years. Lately though, if I have a bowl of Rice Chex with Rice Milk, and then mix in VSL DS in about 4 oz of Rice Milk, I have a real bad day.

In doing some research, I happened to come upon the 13 Best Foods for Crohn's Disease and the first thing that was there was Almond Milk and that was the only Milk product discussed so I am switching to that.

The link is:,,20559874,00.html

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Hi Marianne,

I think God is trying to teach me the art of patience.

I was scheduled to have test results 3 weeks ago on Sept 25th, exactly a week after I saw my doctor. But the Lab called me to tell me that they did not get approval from my Insurance Company. So then they rescheduled me for Sat, Sept 28th. However, the Lab called me again to reschedule for the same reason.

Not I am getting frustrated and they cannot reschedule until they get approval.

So then Lab calls me back and I said has the approval gone through and they told me NO because my doctor's office had the wrong codes.

The Lab calls me back early last week and I get the approval for my test last Friday, Oct 4th. It was disgusting. I had to drink 3 bottles of this Barium stuff and I had to consume it every 15 minutes in order for them to do the CT Scan.

I asked if they could mix in some Chianti with it but was denied. So then I have this test and they have to stick me twice and that was nerve wracking because the Tech said if they can't get this to work it will have to be postponed. Anyway it finally was worked. I asked them when will my doctor get the results and they said by Monday, Oct 7th.

Then I had the trots until after midnight from all this ugly disgusting drink that I had to have.

So I call my doctor to make an appt and he is on vacation all this week. So I won't see him until next Wed.

Thank you for asking.

Ugh so sorry. I think I had this same test done when then were trying to rule out Crohn's before my surgery. (Small bowel series or something like that?) I remember drinking that awful stuff every 15 minutes or half hour and then them taking pictures. The test took over two hours. In the end they said my small intestines looked perfect. So onward with surgery I went.

I hope you get some answers when you see him on Wed. Keep us posted. Will be thinking of you. Smiler

The test is called a CT Enterography and the beverage you drank is called volumen, which is a barium sulfate suspension. I am surprised they did the CT Enterography as opposed to the MRI Enterography which I think may be a better diagnostic tool. I had both done. You drink volumen in timed intervals with both procedures and both procedures take over 2 hours (MRI is longer and takes closer to 3 hours). The only difference in the procedures is that the MRI Enterography is a bit noisier and with the MRI they inject you with glucophen in order to slow the bowels down. Glucophen causes nausea and vomiting in 50% of injectees, but I happened to be in the 50% that tolerated it, as I did not vomit in the basin they gave me nor did I feel nauseous. Although the contrast burned terribly when they injected it.

You may want to ask your Doctor whether the camera endoscopy may be a viable diagnostic test based on your situation. I am told it's better than the CT and has become safer.

BTW I found the volumen tolerable if you drink it rapidly and do not savor the taste. It's not exactly something I would order at my local pub, but as a 41 year IBD veteran I have tasted more vile substances, including liquid potassium which is really gross.

Good luck.
That food list was very interesting!

I never would have guessed that eggs would be in the "good" column for crohn's.

If I eat eggs, I have to make sure they are a minor component of a larger meal, or they give me no end of grief.

I'd trade my right leg to be able to eat eggs at will. Poached, 2-minute, fried, omelets, scrambled..... Sigh.

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I will talk to my doctor about the MRI Test tomorrow when I see him. He may want to schedule the MRI test, who knows but I will ask him.

PDX David,

Glad you fouud that food list interesting. I must say since I have not had Rice Milk since October 11th, thus far, I have had no pain, cramps and a lot of Gas. Perhaps this was my problem all along.

I sure hope that my test resuls show nothing serious.


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