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Is it normal to be having tortures bowl movements at this point?  I am 11 month out from my reversal surgery, just had a pouchoscopy with dilation but going when it’s not completely liquid is so painful and straining.  Feels like physical abuse of my behind.  My surgeon has given up and check out completely.  Any advice please

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You just had a dilation, so you must have had something like a stricture. A stricture can often require multiple dilations, depending on where it is (pouch inlet or outlet) and what caused it. I can’t tell if the surgeon is your only doctor, but in your position I’d look for a knowledgeable gastroenterologist to help you through this.

Absolutely what Scott said- you cannot use your surgeon for ongoing care.  You need a gastroenterologist for lifetime care and to help you through issues like this.  There’s plenty of scopes, dilations, medicines that can help.  Also be sure to stay on top of hydration- it’s the sneaky lifestyle change that you don’t necessarily know to take care of until you’re in the hospital.  You no longer absorb water and salt very well.  Lots of water and heed salt cravings, and I bet things will settle down a bit.  Couple that with further dilation and a solid discussion with your GI about inflammation or other physical factors.  Others on this board also have luck with adding Metamucil to their diet to even things out.

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Sorry you are having these problems. I’m only 4 months out but I am the same. If not liquid, I have to strain and push and I get so sore, and usually even then I still don’t feel empty. My surgeon has been less than helpful and I also don’t have a gi right now so I understand what you are going through! The only thing I have found that helps is instead of straining, which for me usually comes morning and night but during the day I’m fine, I use a warm tap water enema. Approved by my surgeon. It’s the only way I actually feel empty, don’t have to strain, and am not sore afterwards.

However, I do continue to search for answers on why it is happening in the first place!

I've noticed now that it's fully summer,  if I get dehydrated I have more problems emptying.  I also need to drink considerably more water than before surgery,  since so much is lost without the colon.  Obviously way more when I am exercising in the heat,  but more all the time.   And you may want to add electrolytes to some of that water,  especially if you are in a warm climate.

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