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Hello I have hit 10 weeks with my j pouch and am looking for advice. I use the bathroom a lot 20 times a day probably 2 hours a day sitting on the toilet. I have started Metamucil for a week now and it has really improved my bowel movements but not reduced my frequency  I take it morning, afternoon, night time. I have solid stool I am never in any pain but I always feel like I have to go to the bathroom. At night I wake up every 1-2 hours to use the bathroom and it is always formed. Any thoughts on my situation?

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People get different advice about this from their doctors (and sometimes get no advice at all). The advice I got was to gradually (and gently) begin to delay bathroom trips to “stretch the pouch.” For most of us the delay is mildly uncomfortable - agony or accidents are not a normal part of this process. So what happens if you don’t obey the signal you’re currently using as your cue to go to the bathroom?

Formed stool isn’t optimal for most J-pouchers. Some do just fine with it, but for many it can be a sign of not drinking enough water, and it can cause straining on the toilet, which leads to other problems.

It takes time for your new colon setup to start working. Your small intestine is not used to being in charge. Scott is right. Try not to go when you feel you have to go. This will help the new pouch to expand. Also how much are you eating? Are eating or snacking at night? For 58 years I ate what I wanted when I wanted, but after surgery, I had re-train myself to eat differently. Be sure to eat about 5 small meals and try avoiding eating large meals. My nurse told me when I was having a similar issue "Your pouch is still a baby....stop feeding a large pizza!" Once I finally "heard" her, my frequency decreased. mostly it takes time. My surgeon and nurse said the same took about a year to a year and a half to cut down the frequency. I average around 4 to 5 times daily and once at night (and that's from eating too much). 

Also watch what you are eating. I was told tomatoes, onions, and tomato sauce will right through you! Dairy will also make you go. Read food labels carefully. You'll be surprised on much dairy is used in foods.

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