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Good morning all.


Just thought i would post an update.


10 weeks into my second re-connection, due to perforation of the pouch and 5 major surgeries to close the leak, things are going amazing.

I have gained 16 lbs and reached my goal of 175 pounds. All incisions have closed and almost all discomfort of any kind is gone. I have gone swimming, biking, and played volleyball with my kids. Food has become much more tolerable as i have added things like fresh fruits, some veggies, and even pecans!!! I pay for it every now and then when something does not agree or i eat to much.Overall, i could not be happier.


I hope others are doing well, or as well as they can. This has been a 2 year fight that many times i have questioned whether or not i had made the right decision. At this time, it seems i have. Knowing it can change at any time, i make sure to do everything i can every day. Going to bed exhausted is truly a privilege. 


Will continue to update as well as provide support in anyway i can.


Take care all!!



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