everything good but noow still going 8-10times all the day 

when empty my jpouch  the fecals go out i have burn  in anus only when empty my jpouch what to make cream not help i go crazy after eat going to bathroom when go to empty go out fecals go burn very...

any tips with immodiom still going 8 times with no immodium 10 times

and still going at night 2 times or 3 

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I've been using my jpouch for 5 years and I still go twice at night and about 5-6 times in the day. Unfortunately I don't know about options to replace immodium. For the burn I went to my doctor and found out I had fissures and was given nifedipine cream which helped a lot. 

Ouch, I remember that burning feeling!

Have you tried Metamucil (psyllium husk fibre powder)? I found it helped a lot. I took a heaped teaspoon mixed in a small amount of water – swallow it immediately before it thickens. This creates a sort of cushion around the food. I took it right before eating main meals. (I didn't take immodium.)

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