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everything good but noow still going 8-10times all the day 

when empty my jpouch  the fecals go out i have burn  in anus only when empty my jpouch what to make cream not help i go crazy after eat going to bathroom when go to empty go out fecals go burn very...

any tips with immodiom still going 8 times with no immodium 10 times

and still going at night 2 times or 3 

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Ouch, I remember that burning feeling!

Have you tried Metamucil (psyllium husk fibre powder)? I found it helped a lot. I took a heaped teaspoon mixed in a small amount of water – swallow it immediately before it thickens. This creates a sort of cushion around the food. I took it right before eating main meals. (I didn't take immodium.)

Hope this helps,


hi to every one

3 years ago doctors saye i have fap and i surgery for remove all the colon

for 1.5 years i have ilestomy .(leaking of pouch for 1 years)

after that the leak is stop and close the ilestomy in this 1.5 years i burn very very

each time i used gell of ledokaeen but some dayes is good

some days is very very bad

i eat tea suger .Lavash Bread (iranian withe bread ).peanut butter .

and many things

dear borislav wath is your problem ??

who your burn is stoped???

i burn for 1.5 year.please help me .my docor is the hospitall chairman and cannot see us (corona is come in iran very bad.please help me .i baging yours

I beg you to help me.
I burn a lot

I beg you to help me.
I burn a lot

I beg you to help me.
I burn a lot

I go a lot as well. Sometimes, it is never ending and yes, it can be exhausting. Start keeping a diary and try and figure out if certain combinations of food help you.  It is not the same for everyone but for instance, if I eat a starch  with other food, it seems the starch (in most cases) absorbs some of the acidity of foods and causes less burn. I also have found that some foods can be eaten in small amounts by themselves but if I eat more than a small amount of that particular food, I have an issue. (ie. nuts, grapes, fruits with skin, eggplant etc.) I also know, the more I chew, the better things are.. and I forget to do that.   Also, sometimes simplicity is best. A can of soup (or home made)... a peanut butter and banana sandwich... a hard boiled egg. And, one thing I need to remind myself, is don't eat too close to bedtime. Then I am up and down even more. I am often exhausted when I wake up because I have gone to the bathroom a zillion times. I agree with Lauren though.. I think many of us, me included .. are just gonna go a zillion times. It's the nature of the J pouch and no matter how tiring it is to keep going with the J pouch, I just think back to the many many many years of Bloody non stop horrible diarrhea/sudden urges/pain terrible life I had with Ulcercerative Colitis. Life with my  J-pouch.. well.. is a life!! Previously, I felt almost dead due to anemia, pain, embarrassment of having to poop everywhere at any time, etc. But keep working on different food combinations and know that there may be somethings you just need to avoid eating.. or eat in small amounts or with something. For instance, me and nuts.. I can put a small amount of nuts into my bannana bread I bake. I can eat a small amount of nuts plain. But once I eat too many, omg.. there are so many problems I never want to eat nuts again! GOOD LUCK.

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