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Do you experience a sloshing noise in your stomach during intercourse?

Yes (female patient)
No (female patient)
Yes (male patient)
No (male patient)
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This usually only happens when I've had a lot of liquids, so I just try to minimize them right before. It's not a big deal if it happens, though. My husband says it sounds like he's moving a cooler :-)

I use Simethicone pills (OTC) to help with gas buildup, and when I can actually feel & see the gas expansion in the pouch's location, I actually help in along by making making a double fist in the location and by laying on my stomach in/on the bed; it actually works out within seconds and I'm good to sleep w/o the sounds of slushing, gurgling and extra trips up for flushing. The other thing I have is a exercise ball which I can also lay on stomach down an work out the excess gas that way too. Sounds crazy I know but, but I'd rather look crazy for a minute then feeling wakeful, fearful & unsettled all night!

For me its usually gas an the need to empty. I usually roll around prior to get the gas to move and once it's expelled the slosh is gone. Happy sloshing everyone!!!!

Does anyone know why this is or have any solutions to minimize it? It's a minor nuisance, certainly not a big problem, but I'd be very curious to know any tips.

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