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Anyone experiencing hemorrhoids?

I am wondering who else is experiencing hemorrhoids. If I didn't have this issue, I think I'd be doing pretty well.  Doctor doesn't want me to use any type of cortisone meds down there as it would thin out the skin and cause me to have issues with my rectal muscle and tissue and having a tight bum hole is very essential to dealing with J-pouch.  What is everyone doing to address issues with hemorrhoids ?

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I had surgery to remove them but it was incredibly painful and they eventually recurred.
Please please try BALNEOL.  $18.99 @ CVS.  If you put it on at night and can let it sit for a few hours without wiping off, the h-roids will begin to heal.  It is far far better than Prep H, witch hazel or anything else.  I can't stress enough how much the product has changed my life 7 yrs after six jpouch surgeries including removal of my rectum.  I only wish I knew about it from the beginning.

I was told I couldn't get hemorrhoids because the tissue where you get them, was removed. Did your surgeons, perhaps, leave more tissue (a rectal cuff), or are you mistakenly using the word "hemorrhoid" to describe a different problem? 

When I did have  hemorroid problems, and sometimes still do, I was prescribed Metrogel 1% and it worked for me. It's a topical gel. Don't know if it has cortisone in it though. I actually let a coworker try it that seems to have hemorroids somewhat regularly and he really liked it and is going to ask his doctor for a prescription.

I had and still have that problem.  A nurse told me about an anal catheter.  That saved my life.  Every time I can't go, I use (very carefully) my catheter and it helps unblock the passage.  It saved me and still does.  Good luck


My problem is severe anal irritation, sometimes with blood and extreme pain.  My doctor sees fungus and has me taking Nystatin pills and using Nystatin ointment.  Both seem to help.

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