Reply to "Would you go back to the ileostomy?"

Andrina posted:
TE Marie posted:

I hope nobody has to go back to an ileostomy but some of us had to.  Like I said above a permanent ileo is much better than a temp (loop) one. It is light years better.

What about temp end ileo vs permanent end ileo? Any differences there? 

T. E. Answered that. 

The end ileo is light years better.

Temp means temporary. Not meant to be permanent. 

I've had both. The end ileo has been no problem. 

The temp was misery as most here have experienced. And we tend to think the end ileo will be the same. It's not.  Mine works well. Better than anything I've had. And way better than I ever thought it would in my wildest dreams. Or nightmares. However we want to look at it. 

Mine saved me. I'm happy to have it with me the rest of my life. 


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