Reply to "Would you go back to the ileostomy?"

Kushami posted:

My j-pouch is not functioning well at all now (it was good for 15 year) but I am holding out against going to an ileostomy.

I had a lot of skin irritation when I had the temp ileostomies, even with my best efforts and lots of advice and consultations from a stoma-care nurse. Ouch! I was glad to be rid of that sore ring of skin on my abdomen when I went to the j-pouch. I do have sensitive skin, though. (No actual skin disorders, but my skin gets red and sore very easily.)

I also found that my personality didn't suit the regimen you need to manage an ileostomy (bag changing, skin care, etc.). For some reason, I found it psychologically burdensome. However, many people deal with it just fine. If my condition worsens, I will have to overcome this mental block – not looking forward to that!


Coming to terms mentally is a challenge.

It took me a month to fess up and say. This is the way its gonna be. Make the best of it. 

You mentioned the temporary ileo. You cannot compare the two. An end ileo is so much more easier. I've had both and thought the end would be like a a temp. It's not. My temporary ileo was terrible. The end I have is nothing like that. No leaks. Like the temporary. That seemed to leak all the time. I could go seven days without changing. I don't. I do 4 days. Then 3 days. 7 days in a week and I like to change on the same days. 


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