Reply to "Would you go back to the ileostomy?"

After being here awhile and reading alot of posts your question will come down to each individual.  

I wish. In hindsight now of course.  I would have went straight to an end ileo.  But my experience is different as is everyone here is different.

Some are good with dealing with a pouch that acts up. 

Some like Bill found another solution.

T.E. Found an end ileo works well. Like I did.  Sure we all have things we will have to deal with no matter which way we go. That's the part we all have to come to terms with. 

Whatever we decide to live with we will always have issues small or large. 

I've been having blowouts for two days. I think it stopped 

But it's the only issue I have and it's only because I ate too much of something.  Lol.  Cheese.  Dang cheese will sneak under that wafer almost every time.  Or I missed a step putting it on.  But it doesn't hurt. Just have to change.   It happens occasionally but not enough to worry about.   It's part of my decision. And I know it  will happen from time to time.  

Your question will get a large range of answers.  

Me. Mine would be yes.  Of course I already have one so I'm biased! 


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