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Hi all

After almost 14 years of having a J Pouch’s and no major issues, I am experiencing some trouble for the past 2 months or so. I was wondering if any of you had similar complaints and could offer advice. I am going to my GP this week to get a referral for a scope. 

The pouch ‘site’ on my RHS seems more distended than usual and is constantly sore and ‘throbbing’ - it feels like I was kicked in the area if that makes sense.  It’s not a crampy pain that I sometimes had on occasion which was easily treated with buscupan. It also ‘stings’ pretty badly at times, like right now as I type this lying in bed and it’s dormant. 

Output is far more regular and nights are a disaster. I am up nearly every half hour even when I eat early. It means I am generally shattered the next day. 

I drink a lot of water - it now runs through me. Within a few minutes of swallowing it, I am on the loo. Coffee ditto. 

I now suffer incontinence when passing wind which never used to occur. 

On the subject of wind/flatulence - when I pass wind I suffer an excruciating pain up my rectum that would make one cry out in agony. 

In a nutshell - While my pouch always bulged out a little bit, I could deal with it as I am slim and didn’t feel it after a while. Now it feels much bigger and the RHS of my body is so blatantly different to my flat LHS. My main issue though is that I am now CONSCIOUS of the pouch 24/7 due to this non stop soreness and stinging sensation and the constant feeling of having to have a BM even when I don’t! 

Thanks to those of you who took the time to read this! I look forward to some replies. 

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