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Reply to "Wits end."

Thank you all for the replies and suggestions.
I really do appreciate them.
It was suggested I ask for an antibiotic.  Well.... I had some from a previous problem.... Same problem so I took one and it wasn't three hours all the grumbling and cramping and running back and forth to the bathroom stopped. 
And as I wake today I am in no distress.
I just find it amazing.
Could be.
I don't know.
I am making an appointment tomorrow.
I have to let her know what is going on.
But as I wrote in the initial post I was at my wits end.
I felt I was getting at the point of no return and then there would only be one solution. 
I certainly am in a better place mentally now than I was.  We all know how that is when you have to go through this for weeks.
It wears you down bad.
Again I thank everyone who replied with suggestions.
I do have one question.
Has anyone seen improvement so quickly?
I had a similar response to my first infusion of remicade a decade ago.
I was so sick then.  A point that if it didn't work surgery was the only option.
After the three hours it took for the infusion I felt a difference immediately.  I told the nurse there that.  She said it was impossible to know that quickly.  But I know what I felt then and it worked like a charm for years.  Eventually it quit working because I had to stop because of a hernia surgery and when I went back on it.... It  never worked again leading to where I am now.
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