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Reply to "What's your #1 piece of advice for a brand new j-poucher?"

@GB2014 posted:

When I had my ileostomy, I was one of these weird people who had a transparent bag so I could see exactly what was going on. I would always change my bag first thing in the morning before breakfast - because the stoma was still, hardly moving and I noticed that as soon as I started eating it would become very active.

Basically, eating really gets the guts going and by only eating three times a day, you are giving your digestive system long periods of time to settle down and slowly digest your food. When you snack, you are sending your guts into overdrive, rushing your previous meal through you and then you go to the bathroom a lot.

Lauren - if you are going 20 times a day, I definitely recommend trying this to see if things improve (and maybe cut down on the water drinking, if you have enough saliva in your mouth to spit I think you're fine; you don't need to keep drinking non-stop).

Hope this helps! Not snacking is one of my golden rules for life with a J Pouch.

That totally makes sense! I even read that fasting is good for IBD patients because it rests the digestive system like you said. Since you do all of that, you have a low chance of getting cuffitis and pouchitis I would imagine. I cannot go the day without snacking: snacking is very important for me. I am 5'10' and weight 125 pounds, if I do not snack, i would feel sick. I am glad everything works for you though

My bowel movements have been up ever since I got the surgery almost 7 years ago. When I had my colon, I was barely pooping without laxatives: the only time I pooped is when my disease was active. I know 20x a day is a lot but I am just grateful I can poop on my own. If I do not drink water throughout the day, i feel insanely sick, I tried to cutt down on my water but I feel sick each time I do. Its unfortunate but the positive side is I am doing okay and pooping on my own. I have had 3 pouchoscopys in almost 7 years and all came back normal.

Glad your doing well dear

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