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Reply to "What's your #1 piece of advice for a brand new j-poucher?"

@GB2014 posted:

I don't want to hog the thread any more so I'll just say:

I have a big, healthy dinner, a semi-healthy breakfast and a trashy, high-calorie afternoon lunch (I exaggerate, I just mean that's when I eat chocolate and crisps). They are usually 3-4 hours apart.

I think I get enough calories. I don't feel tired and have a reasonable amount of energy to go for walks and get stuff done. Water is more important, I do have to keep drinking throughout the day. Like you, I feel bad if I don't. But on the positive side, being obliged to drink lots of water is probably a good thing! :-)

Sounds cool! I wish we did not have to drink water all throughout the day but its good to not worry about things we cannot change. I bet you are at a healthy weight too, so it seems what you are doing is working.

My normal eating schedule is: Breakfast 8am, Snack 11am, lunch 1pm, snack 4pm, and dinner 6pm, snack 8pm.

Meals are normally 60carbs and snacks are 30 carbs, all vegetarian though.

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