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What's next??

Hi everyone,

Been having abdominal pain-pinching and lots of noise and gurgling for now 3 years. I've seen Dr. Sonoda at Weill-Cornell three times. In April, he was very concered about Crohns, also he said that I had three strictures. one at the old stoma sight, one at the anal anastamosis and one at the afferent limb. He did a flexsig in May. Heard nothing back.

Went back last week and he ordered an MREnterography. Done.. Read the report and his nurse called me and said that there was nothing remarkable, one stricture at the anastimosis (anal). I asked where did the other strictures go? She said that perhaps they are small enough that they didn't show up on the MRE.

SO, my question is, why do I still have pain? She did not know.
How did I go from Crohns and three strictures to nothing unremarkable? She did not know.

Now, all the travel and expense to NYC and I don't think I'm any closer to an answer.

My doc here in Syracuse had suggested adhesions. He described the lysis procedure and it's nothing that I really want to do.

I know this all sounds very scattered... My mind is racing and I'm an emotional mess. I have to go back to teaching next week and I'm having a really tough time.

ANY advise??


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