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What are the CAUSES of the loud stomach noises?

I'm asking everyone to give what they've found to be a cause to the loud stomach noises we experience. I had my colectomy back in '05, but I can't remember this ever being a problem before this year - thus, I'm wondering if this might be pouchitis on my part. Or it could just be that I'm more sensitive to the sound due to more meetings in a new work setting.

I'll offer the same caveat I append to ALL of my inquiry posts: If you're response is to "just embrace it and not care what others think"...don't bother responding. I'm not interested in that sort of defeatism. I'm interested in solutions.

1. I definitely think a cause is digestion. The sounds come while food is digesting and shortly after. Are there specific foods which cause more problems than others? To this end, I'm trying to eat breakfast at home, and then skip lunch. Problem here is that my stomach then rumbles due to hunger noises. Ideally, if there was a quick snack that is easy on digestion that I could eat for lunch, that would solve the problem. Any ideas?

2. I've found that quickly drinking a large quantity of liquid causes loud noises.

3. Gas? Pouchitis? 

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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