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Twisted Small Bowel

Having many adhesions from J-pouch surgery, it's pretty common for me to get blockages or partial blockages. But every now and then a portion of my intestines will twist. It usually corrects itself in a short amount of time.

I've gone to the ER on several occasions because it didn't clear up after a number of hours and the pain became unbearable. Each time I've gone in, it corrected itself either waiting to see a doctor or waiting for a CT scan.

A few days ago, I started to get the pain about the time I was getting ready for bed. I went about my usual bedtime routine thinking it would go away, but the pain got incredibly intense. About 11 pm I had my husband trying to listen for bowel sounds. There weren't any, which was scary because that's usually about all you can hear from me.

I told him I needed to go to the hospital. While discussing where to go, I got really cold. My husband turned on some heat and covered me with a few blankets, but I just couldn't get warm. While my husband hunted for a heating pad to help, I thought about all the other times I'd gone to the ER and no one was ever in a rush to diagnose me. With all the hospitals in the area doing ER diversions, I pretty much thought my bowel would rupture, I'd get sepsis and die in a waiting room somewhere.. LOL or that my bowel would die at the very least.

In the end, I just asked my husband to pray for me. I was in too much pain to  sit in a waiting room for hours and then wait longer for tests. He did pray and about 5 minutes later the correction I'd waited for happened.

Since then, my daughter who is an ER nurse said that being cold like that was a life threatening emergency and that in the future I should go right in.

If I were having a heart attack, involved an accident with obvious life threatening injuries or unable to breathe, my arrival to the ER would put me to the head of the line over people needing stitches, a bone set, or any other non-life threatening situation.

But in this situation, you can't tell by looking at me that something really bad is happening.

Any ideas on how to get the hospital personnel to take something like this seriously and do something before it's too late?



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