Reply to "The worst Doctors"

Different kinds of surgeons/doctors different education system.

Here in France they are taught to never admit that they do not know, never admit that they could be wrong and always make the patient feel ignorant, inferior and stupid.

I had a surgical intern who insisted that I still had my colon and that I could not function without it! It had been 10yrs + since I had had it removed.

Another surgeon (the chief of surgery for a major university hospital and head of the board of surgeons)  after moving my k pouch stoma to just under my belly button (about the worse place I could have a stoma...Where the fat was thickest...The stoma literally sunk and twisted like a corkscrew) informed me that if I did not like it that I could have my pouch removed and thrown in the garbage and because he was the 'boss' that no other surgeon in France would touch me (he was right!)...and that one day I would hemmorage so badly (the cath went down and would hook on the valve, came out ripping everything in its path) that they would bring me into ER and then I would have no choice. 

I lived in fear and pain for 4 yrs until he retired!

But there are also wonderful surgeons who flew across the Atlantic to save my life, who spend hours inventing and creating methods and techniques that have repeatedly saved me. Creative surgeons with unlimited imagination that go the extra mile.

If you are sick long enough (I hope not for your sake) you encounter all kinds...hopefully the good ones outweigh the bad ones.



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