Reply to "The Gay Guy Chronicles: Sex, Dating, and Life with a J-Pouch"

Warning..Explicit at own risk

Hey Heath and others

Thanks for your story good looking!

So glad you have found happiness

After 2 bouts of external bags (i have attempted to block out) I finally got a jpouch 2 years ago.

Love my jpouch and hope it lasts forever!! I am vers and have always loved the flipping ability..mutually shared everything.. Thankfully topping is still all good but that said I really do miss the ability to let my bfs lust take over and enjoy my cave of delights.. I actually did have a mild mind blowing session since jpouch (felt i could not hold off any longer) He was gentle and careful to only go half way but a few days later I was in hospital with a blocked/twisted it did not fix itself..instead decided to of many times I was lucky I survived (including a liver transplant caused by PSC caused by UC)

Anyway I have no idea if my bottoming  had anything to do with it..and I still fondly remember the look of contentment and ownership as my man enjoyed part of me he had been waiting so patiently to once again revisit..the backlot of my wonderland if you will lol.

I also have hemiroids now and stay away from tomatos and spicy foods ++

My bf is just happy to have me healthy and works my body over real good. I strangely feel that I have lost an important part of my gay identity with my new label of top only and though none of this comes from him, I feel guilty he cant fully enjoy my body like before. Damn i did not mean to sound like such a whiner..

Life is a f'd up rollercoaster and everyone has their ups and downs..I am grateful for every day and I guess we will see what comes next. Congrats!


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