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The Dreaded Incontinence Question

Hi forum members,

First off Id like to say this forum has helped me out so much,  THANKS to all that share advice.

Now my question, Iam 3 months into my recovery since my takedown. All is good, except a bit of incontinence during the night when I sleep. I wear a sanitary pad so everything is under control in the morning with no major accidents. I have a minimal amount of leakage that occurs about three times a week.

My questions are ,how long until things improve back to no leaks?

I do 2 sets of 10 (Kegel exercises) a day, should I do more or less?

How long should I continue the kegals for?

Does drinking water/tea late at night increase the chances of fluid leaking at night?

Any input would be greatly appreciated .

Thanks in advance!!

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