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Success: Took my pouch on a 75km hike!

Hello all,

Some of you may remember me from 6 years ago. I was quite active on the boards before, during, and after my surgeries. Since getting busy with 'life' since then, I haven't been around very much. However, I wanted to share the story of my last week.
Like most of us, I was nervous at first with my new pouch. I wasn't sure if I could lead a normal life, if I could go back to my job, have a relationship, or live a lifestyle where I wasn't always near a toilet.
My pouch will be 6 years old this fall, and truly, life just keeps getting better and better.
Last week, I went on a 6 day hiking trip called the West Coast Trail. It is a rugged 75km trail along the coast and through the rainforest. You have to camp the whole way, and carry everything you need for the week on your back. The trail consists of muddy bogs, steep ladders, bridges, fallen logs, and beach trails. I was nervous. Especially about food and bathroom situations!
I tried to stick with mostly low residue foods and surprisingly, my bathroom visits decreased while I was hiking. Partly because my body was probably in shock from hiking so much Wink And partly because I was eating small portions of food and was more dehydrated than I usually am. But the pouch and I made it through with flying colours. From stinky outhouses to pooping in sand and didn't hold me back at all.
I hope that my story can be a small reminder that the sky is the limit - whether you have a pouch or not. Just don't forget your toilet paper!
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