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Hi Sandyk.
John from Australia.
I have had my pouch for over 31years so far with not to many problems.
I was one of the first pouch ops done in Australia and was most fortunate that the surgeon that operated on me had worked with Sir Allan Parkes who had done the first sucessfull ones in London.
I also had some very good Stoma nurses who explained to me how to make a sucess of a pouch and I took their advice and it worked ,eg When you feel the need to go try and hang on a few minutes longer first off each time so the pouch will stretch a bit and the area around the pouch gets used to being used again.
I also drink lots of water ,about 2 litres a day to stop kidney stones and so far so good.
With the benefit of hindsight there is no way that I could have lived the life I have If I had put up with chronic U/c for years.
I have about 3-6 bms a day with sometimes 1 at night but this is dependant on what I eat so I keep a food diary on my fridge.
I go surfing all day on summer with no problems and drink at least 3 litres of water at the beach with no problems.
I have taken very little medication over the years and have a blood test done every couple of years and so far so good but I try very hards to look after myself.
As one of the pioneer surgeons of pouch surgery said something like ,, A pouch procedure can work very well on well motivated patients,,and I think he was right.
Hope you find this info usefull.
Best Regards from Australia.
ps I travel a fair bit and you can soon work out where the toilets are.
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