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Stress and Addison's

Good Day everyone,

I am 22 (male student) and  have had my J-Pouch surgeries last year and overall I think I had a brilliant outcome with now 1-3 and mostly 2 stools daily. I take two Imodium before sleeping and normally do not have leakage.

What isn't going well is my extreme fatigue. I have been diagnosed with  Addison's desease 2 months ago but the Hydrocortisone isn't working well or my dosis isn't ideal.

Two days ago I had bloody stool the second time with my pouch. The first time it was Pouchitis but I think I have had the Pouchitis for several months because the stool frequency dropped from 5 to 1-2 after 2 weeks of metronidazole.

Does anyone have experience with a pouch and Addison's and its impacts? I felt, when I had to stop taking the cortisol asmas if stomache got aggravated (normally don't have stools in the morning). I've got serious cramps when I take the cortisol which go away after going to the toilet, which seems crazy because also Pantoprazol helps a bit.

Further, which role does stress play in Pouchitis? I normally doing a lots of sports and really enjoy doing a lot of work for uni. I really can't feel when my body has enough!

Recently, I've got fatigue feeling like UC which makes it even hard to have a conversation. I nearly fell asleep while sitting on my mountainbike!

I know I am lucky and don't want to "whine" but when I see blood I'm completely desperate after 40 times toilet with UC. Further, the fatigue doesn't let me do anything and sometimes awake in the night. This is especially bad as I am a person who can't stand taking a break...

Thanks  ahead,


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