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Reply to "stomach bug or J-pouch issue?"

Hi Kristen

I am sorry to hear you are feeling so rough I too am approx. 9 months post takedown and have a very badly functioning pouch but different to yours - I am sorry I don't feel qualified to offer advice. However I have had a Defecography and I absolutely promise you it was nowhere near as bad as I feared and was led to believe!!

I had a female radiographic go through the procedure with me and also insert the liquids etc she did say there were male team members behind the screen but I never saw them. 

I won't lie I was nervous and embarrassed but I just decided that they view me as yet another lump of meat and it was just another thing I needed to get through. I just decided to ' be bank's about it all.

You lay on your side (we've all spent a long time doing that!!) they insert a check of a lot of stuff up your bum (nothing new!!). You then have to sit on a loo seat with a bag attached below and push it all out to their command. It was all over very quickly.

Good luck and loads of positive thoughts xxx


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