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Reply to "Still afraid to eat"

CTB23 posted:

I’m very surprised that you’re not able to get support from your surgeon’s office,  I still get support from them.

There is nothing I can do about that now. 

About working. I am the only one who worked at that time because my husband had a car accident and didn't get compensation. I needed to pay the bills.

Yea I had a nutritionist before and she had zero clue about colitis. I have certain food intolerances and it was included in her recommended food list. I told her it was a no go for me. I did well for a while after I met with her but I quickly went back to my old habits again.

@BlueFlame During recovery did you lose weight and did you gain it back?  

I wanted to go to urgent care today but now I'm home and I'm too tired to leave the house now. Maybe tomorrow. 

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