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Reply to "Still afraid to eat"

Adrina, I have read Winterberry's response and it does not say not to drink water. The response was that water is great, but you also need nutrition provided by food. I agree with water and non-sugar electrolytes.

As for diet, as others have said.....not everyone is the same. If our systems reacted the same, this thing would be an easier puzzle to sort out. For example, adding fiber through Metamucil is a big no for me; for others it is their go to. For me (and many but not all people), my system demands a low/no carb routine with limited fiber from specific vegetables. That takes time to sort out and it will evolve as your pouch heals and matures.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to try one new food at a time. Combined foods make it impossible to know what works and what does not. And I would add, try one new food for several days before trying another. I can eat almost anything once or twice....but if it's on my general "nope" list, it will eventually catch up with me if I decided to make it a regular item in my diet.

To give you an idea of how one-off and individual food tolerances can be, I can eat all animal proteins, certain nuts raw, other nuts only ground. I can eat plenty of broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, onions and asparagus. However, I cannot tolerate lettuce, mushrooms or any uncooked thin skinned fruits or vegetables. I can tolerate wheat bread, but not other white flour products....and pasta is especially a big no. I can drink milk and eat cheese.....not yogurt, nor most ice creams. I can drink apple juice (though I do not), but "heck no!" to apple cider. As an added bonus, I generally avoid the carbs I can tolerate to manage pouchitis and bacteria.

All this diet specificity I have listed comes from years of trial and error, and evolution. Your pouch is brand spanking new and needs many months to adjust. Yes, it will get better. Yes, you must be patient. Yes, you must eat.

I'm glad you are here. Keep checking in, ask questions, let us know how you are doing. We've all been there.

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