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Reply to "Still afraid to eat"

Raj posted:

You need to get out that phobia of not eating enough if you want to put some mass

Thank you for your responses to far.

I don't have a fear of not eating enough. I'm afraid to eat because it  makes me feel uncomfortable and I'm also afraid of getting blockages.

I'm trying to drink at least 32 ounces per day plus coffee or whatever I feel like in addition to the water. The day before I posted this I only got through half of my water and saved the rest for yesterday and once I finished 32 ounces yesterday, I started to feel better.

I will look into the pre-digested shake. I used to be on Serious Mass but it had lactose and I didn't gain weight. I was flaring though. Maybe I should try again.

Edit: I just looked up Intermittent Fasting and it seems to be for weight loss, which I'm not trying to do. Can't afford to lose even more now. But thank you.


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