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skn69 posted:

Sorry Dave, I did not mean to come off harsh or judge  but give you the other side of the argument.  And no my hubby not only isn't in the police force but a fervent anti-facisit. 

Just as a side note,  I travel 90mins by subway to work and then have another 25mins on foot. No toilets in the subway and no place to empty out my pouch. I leave before 7am.

I have no choice but to fast. If I want to keep working. So I do and have been doing this for 35yrs.

It isn't fair...sure but as my sister-in-law who is an elected official gotta go when you gotta go.

She drives 2hrs each way sitting on a triple folded towel over a blue pad. Keeps a 2nd towel over her lap. 

Not ideal but at 73 she isn't ready to retire.

You gotta go when you gotta go.. .are adult pads an option?



Sharon: Your situation with a bag and stoma are much different than Dave's and I am surprised to find your reaction so judgmental. You did that to me as well!! I have a J pouch and was complaining about keeping the area clean and needing to take frequent showers and you flat out told me I didn't need to take that many showers and was using that as a CRUTCH and I should get a bidet or a cleaning tool for my toilet!! And Here I come to find out, you don't even have a j-pouch and have absolutely NO IDEA of what I am going through!!! Please please please, only make comments that pertain to your own situation and experiences. Why tell this gentleman to get an adult pad when you don't even have the same situation!!! Why tell us that YOU STARVE in order to deal with your situation when him starving is not a good option!!! That's just ridiculous and quite assuming.  I didn't like your answer to my post and didn't respond because I thought.. GOOD LORD.. something is just strange.. but then I just happened to scroll through a few posts and I see you here doing it again!! Gosh!!!! I would never ever assume to give you advice with your situation unless I had the exact situation!!! And I wouldn't do it in the way which you do it either.

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