Reply to "State Troopers don't care about your IBD"

Sorry Dave, I did not mean to come off harsh or judge  but give you the other side of the argument.  And no my hubby not only isn't in the police force but a fervent anti-facisit. 

Just as a side note,  I travel 90mins by subway to work and then have another 25mins on foot. No toilets in the subway and no place to empty out my pouch. I leave before 7am.

I have no choice but to fast. If I want to keep working. So I do and have been doing this for 35yrs.

It isn't fair...sure but as my sister-in-law who is an elected official gotta go when you gotta go.

She drives 2hrs each way sitting on a triple folded towel over a blue pad. Keeps a 2nd towel over her lap. 

Not ideal but at 73 she isn't ready to retire.

You gotta go when you gotta go.. .are adult pads an option?



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