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Reply to "Sick & Tired of this Sh*t....Literally"

I used to say that this is not a disease for sissies or cry babies...we go through hell and a half and do not even get the 'sympathy' that other diseases get.

We have hidden diseases in very 'unpopular' places that, at best, no one wants to talk about and 'at worst' they make fun of!

We get the, 'but you look so good' or 'you must be faking it' or 'I don't understand, you should be healthy now that they took out your colon' or 1000 other comments.

We gain weight from meds, lose weight from disease and hide in our rooms out of fear or in pain, cancel dates, meetings and appointments at the last minute or just don't show up...But we, as a lot, are not complainers...for most of us, no one will listen anyway.

You are strong, intelligent and courageous (and you are allowed to be sick and tired, you deserve to be able to rant a bit)  and that is more than most people can say, so hats off to you.

No advice, just admiration


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