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Reply to "RV Fistula output?"

Another update.

I'm scheduled for mucosal flap advancement surgery in the next month or so. Surgeons will wait til they are in there before deciding whether to do via pouch or vaginally. They said the success rate is 60% (or glass half empty, the failure rate is 40%. Sad face).

Seton is fine. Awkward and sore for the first few weeks, but now it's just life. Vag output seems to be worse with the seton, which is worrying. I've read that if the fix fails, then the symptoms can be worse than before surgery. So that's fun to think about. Another sad face.

The current plan is:

- mucosal flap advancement
- if that fails, then they redo through the reverse side
- if that fails, then we'll discuss more invasive fixes

I've repeatedly tested negatively to crohns but a lot of what you read about fistulas is crohns related, so I wonder if it's not worth trying some crohns drug treatments to help aid healing? A question for my doc.

Anyway, that's me right now. Happy 2018!

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