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Reply to "RV Fistula output?"

Glad I found this updated post, because I am trying to figure out if I might have a fistula (or am just crazy) -- and if I should contact one of my surgeons about it.

Quick synopsis: After colectomy, takedown, hernia repair in 2011 and 2012, with many complications after last two surgeries, I had to deal with huge uterine fibroids that got a lot worse/bigger last summer, leading to complete hysterectomy this past October. The surgery was done by daVinci and everything removed vaginally. It was very traumatic for my body because the fibroids were so big, surgery was long and difficult and I ended up with tears in vaginal area that took a long time to heal. More complications after that surgery, including a hematoma.
So .... then I start having vaginal discharge in late fall/early winter...and it's continued. I start thinking I have a fistula (caused by difficult surgery) because while the discharge is mainly yellow with some brownish tinge, a few times there has been stool where there shouldn't be, but I try to convince myself it came from somewhere else, not vaginally.
I go to see my gyno a few months ago (she did not not do the surgery,as I needed to be at med center where my J-pouch surgeon was and because it was expected to be difficult surgery). She sees discharge, irritation, does cultures...they show nothing. She says it must be granulation tissue from the scarring/healing of vaginal area post-surgery.
I see my GI doc, and he seems to think fistula possible, does pouch scope, sees a few small ulcers, not much else. He seems to want to help but thinks I should see the gyno-oncologist surgeon who did the hysterectomy. Suggests I need MRI.
For some reason, I'm hesitating, not wanting to go back to the surgeon. Like some of you mention, will he think I'm a hypochondriac. Am I?! It's just been so much, so many doctors, so many problems. Do I just go back to my gyno and let her deal with it?
But I, too, must wear a pantiliner every day. Could I live with this? Sure, I guess...though it's getting a bit worse.
Could it just be granulated tissue, as my gyno said?

ANY input will be appreciated. I know I need to do something.

Thanks so much,
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