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Raj posted:

I dont know man. Its just that I dont feel too much of a difference with the pouch except for the fact I have to go like 5-6 times a day. But honestly I was already doing that in UC so now its great. I am mot trying to be Arnold like. Its just a dream like many other so I just go there workout and come back with dedication. Also my workout sessions are smaller as I am doing 6x a week. I workout for like 45-50 mins against guys with 3-4 day splits who workout for upto 1.5-2 hrs. I believe in intensity and lesser rest between sets in other words hypertrophy.

Hey, I wasn't criticising.

You describe the same desire as myself when I started weight lifting.

 Although, your response to my initial question and additional responces, which mention, lean muscle mass, keeping macros balanced, whey isolate and consuming 6-8 egg whites for protein, puts you in a different league to myself.

 We may also have differing philosophies on muscle development and maybe for differing goals.

 My opinions can easily be absorbed by someone new to weight lifting and body building but not normally by an experienced body builder like yourself.

I'm a believer of targeting specific muscles or muscle groups and working hard until muscle exhaustion, maybe on the third set, depending on level of strength already achieved; but followed by a rest day in between sessions and weekends off.

 I've never followed a specific diet for muscle mass or consumed additional protein, I've allowed my level of activity and workouts to dictate my appetite.

 Yes, I've ensured to eat the obligatory good foods, such as fish, chicken and red meats but I don't believe a fitness regime should dictate my diet. 

Also, It's my belief, that when working different muscle groups on alternate days, the muscle groups worked the previous day are not achieving complete rest and recovery.



I'm sorry to the OP for hijacking your thread.

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