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Recovery from Jpouch removal

Hey all,

I am very happy to be rid of my failed jpouch and am coming on 6 weeks out from pouch removal with ileostomy.

I am pleased with my recovery except for one thing:
I feel a ton of pressure and pain behind my ostomy and at times I feel like it empties with difficulty (although I do have consistent gas and solid output). Sometimes I see an area near my stoma "inflate" and if I press on it, it causes a lot of pain and I may or may not push gas out of my stoma.

I had a very hard postop (15 days in hospital) and my stoma was initially very swollen. Nonetheless, my surgeon was very confident in her work and I seem to have avoided major complications. She said she saw very few adhesions while working inside my body.

I'm wondering how normal this issue is post-op, and at what point should I be concerned that this isn't just a normal healing process? Is there anything I can do other than painkillers and gas-x to ease this?


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