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It's not often I get to pose a question so this is kind of exciting to start a discussion again:

On Friday, I am having very minor surgery on my left sinus to re-open it and hopefully release pressure, fluid, and whatever else is going on in there. Never thought I'd be in line for this but I've been having issues, infection, and burning (think water in nose) since December.

After three rounds of antibiotics and two CT scans, the left is closed off and apparently surgery is the best option at this point. (Yes, I just repeated myself but worded it differently.)

I currently take: Azothiaprine (Imuran), Lexapro or Celexa (can't remember; too lazy to go look), Lipitor, Culturelle (literally saved my pouch), estrogen, PRN Hydrocodone and PRN Xanex (panic attacks started a year or so ago).

Of everything I am taking, my ENT is most concerned (only concerned?) about the Azothiaprine and it's effect/affect on the surgery and/or recovery. Anyone else had this done? Any issues given the extreme overaction of your immune system?

He mentioned several "could happens" but gave very good statistics of his occurences for each...very low numbers most in the 1-3 range with a couple of never happeneds. I feel safe and completely trust the doctor. A co-worker just had surgery on both sides a few months ago and sings his praises.

Just a little nervous given the way I grow scar tissue, etc.

Words of wisdom?
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