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Reply to "PSA Test"

@JHendrix posted:

I may be misreading this but I'm wondering if the suggestion that men 'over a certain age' are advised against regular PSA screening can sound like the message is 'after a certain age you are less valuable'. If that were the interpretation, that would sure sting.  In my understanding it has to do with the fact that prostate cancer is so frequently so very slow growing that one will end up dying of something else before prostate cancer thus sparing men treatments/surgeries and the often resulting side effects of the treatments/surgeries. I do believe that's been pretty well documented.

I hope this might help you Lauren. (As I said, if it's read that one just shouldn't bother after 70 years..... it sure would seem unreasonable and unfair)

Sorry none of this really helps you Nick. Hopefully some thorough discussions with your doctor will assist your decision making.

(Thanks for the chart link Scott. It spells things out pretty well although I'm still left wondering about the gene mutation that may be associated with a more aggressive form) 

I appreciate you reaching out to me and explaining things respectfully, I wish more people were respectful in that sense, especially on here. I respect your opinion about everything you said but I respectfully disagree. 

I hope we can agree to disagree and just keep the peace. 

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