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Reply to "Protein Diet"

@BNellNY posted:

Well, to be honest, I only discovered I'd have to be on this diet last week. It literally took me all week to get in touch with the nurse who initially explained it to me. She felt she was unqualified to answer my  all questions, so now I have to speak to a nutritionist, the one I know can't see me till November, and I can't wait that long, so hopefully the hospital I'm going to can get me to see another one sooner...

Which is a very longwinded  way of saying I have't started the strictest version of the diet yet, i.e., I'm cheating (not to mention right before I found out about the diet I bout a bunch of things I can't have) so while I AM trying to incorporate the diet, I do have things I need to finish, and things I need to  get clarified...  So, I'm slightly better, but that's because I had a slighty different pouchoscopy two weeks ago, and I had some not so nice reactions after that.... So hard to tell. (Sorry for the saga Steve!)

Hi BNellNY,

Im very interested in hearing how things go for you as I’m in a similar situation. Just established with Shen and travelled down to NYP for sinusotomy and floppy pouch complex. He banded my pouch to treat the FPC. Did you have this done? If so, how may times?  I had a nightmare of a time at NYP when I had to return to the ED the night after my procedure with pain and vomiting. I won’t even get into what a terrible experience it was.

Like CT above, I’ve never heard of this strict protein/fat only diet and don’t understand how it works mechanistically for FPC. Honestly it makes me nervous he suggested it to you. If I’m told I need to eat only protein and fat the rest of my life I’ll go back to the bag in a heartbeat. That doesn’t sound like a sustainable diet, not to mention the cardiovascular implications.

I found the same as you that Shen seems great but his support staff including NPs/PAs can’t answer any questions. I’m not super happy with with the experience.

Please keep us posted. I hope you find some relief!

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