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Reply to "Protein Diet"

This system is really annoying. I got a bunch of feedback, thank you ALL, but there's only this one place to reply!! Grrrr.

Lauren Of Emerald City, thanks again for the suggestion, but as I wrote, the vegan cheese has as much carbs as protein so that is not a good solution. The  ratio of protein to cheese/carbs should be 80:20. Same with protein to fruits/veggies.

Scott F! I love that you aren't giving up! Back in the day, before I  had my colectomy and discovered I was lactose intolerant, those pills worked fine. But post-colectomy they didn't  work. But it's been a while, maybe I should revisit them???

And thank you Drbev603! that's the kind of thing I'm looking for "safe" protein shakes since I can't have my Orgain any more. I just hope that it's a protein  powder that the nutritionist will approve! I found another one, so maybe if I switch off? Afraid I can't do the Greek Yogurt, no dairy... Wow! Your diet is so different from mine, what the heck can you eat?

Dear Chook2, supposedly I'm only allowed cooked veggies, but will ask the nutritionist about avocados. BUT I can't have sandwiches, as mentioned I have to limit my carbs, so maybe I could have 1/2 a piece of toast, but no more. And only a very little amount of breadcrumbs...

Hey SteveG, frankly I have NO idea why the GI thinks this will improve my blockages. I haven't spoken to him about the diet only his minions. I have several misgivings about it myself.But then again, I've been eating mostly the same things for years (had colectomy in 2007) and the situation only got worse.

Yes, I was in th ER early July, and they did scans, and then an MRI, I have several problems, the floppy pouch, kinks, and the prolapsing. NOt sure I understood yourM  question: "does he think the pouch itself is the reason (floppy & prolapsed)?" Actually, the GI who's prescribing this diet IS  my second opinion, my regular GI was stymied, while I think he knew what the problem was, he's more about giving meds (I'm on Remicade) so he thought I needed to see someone who could actually fix me surgically (for the time being anyway.)


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