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Protein Diet

Hi, I've been having trouble with frequent blockages, and my GI says my pouch is both floppy and prolapsed and wants me to go on a strict protein diet. I have to eat mostly meats, poultry, fish, and eggs. I'm lactose intolerant so milk and cheese aren't options. I can only have a small percentage of carbs and a small percentage of fruits and veggies (only cooked.)

For years my go to breakfast was cereal with bananas and berries, then because of the abundance of blockage incidents I started having smoothies with coconut/almond milk, a banana, berries, and a bit peanut butter if I could tolerate it, with turmeric and cinnamon. Since we're supposed to have lots of small meals, for snacks I would have Orgain a nutritional shake the nutritionist at my GI practice had recommended years ago. And recently I've been having them twice a day.

So now, since I can't have my usual breakfast, the nurse who explained the diet to me suggested I have eggs for breakfast, but that's what I often have for lunch, I really can't eat them every morning, eggs can make me nauseous. I'll have to try having shakes with very small amounts of fruit and only a small amount of peanut butter as the nurse said that's not really great for me either. I thought I could add some protein powder to the shake, but I spoke to the nurse today and she said that protein powders weren't good to have every day or even for the long term...

I always used to meat or fish WITH something, like pasta or potatoes, for the past two  months I've been eating mostly chicken with rice... So now even my other meals are going to be a bit of a challenge.

When I spoke to the nurse today, she said I shouldn't have any Orgain because it has sugar.I can't just have meats all day long long (meat popsicles?) I've lost weight just from having had all the blockages, and definitely won't gain any back on this diet. I was hoping someone out there  in j-pouch land could help me come up with a viable idea for snacks that are safe. And if you have any helpful ideas for other meals that would be great...

Thanks so much.

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