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Reply to "preventative measures re: pouch health"

Not sure that there is any one thing that any of us can suggest to make sure that your pouch stays healthy...we all have pouch specific tricks that work for all of us some of the time and for some of us all of the time...
No rules. Pouchers can eat and do anything and live life to the fullest without a thought to their plumbing...others need to think about what they eat or do constantly.
I tend to blend a lot of foods to keep them at a happy texture for my pouch, eat mostly natural stuff, very little 'store bought, pre packaged foods' and live a reasonably healthy life style.
None of that has stopped my pouch from having the occasional bout of pouchitits, blockages and an assortment of little and big problems.
Most times it is fine but some times I want to kill it...
I do take vitamin suppliments and try to clear out my pouch completely at least once a day (lots of fluids, no solids in the mornings until my pouch is totally cleaned out)some people swear by it...I think that it helps to not develop pouchitis. (no medical confirmation here).
I just hope that you have a problem-free pouch life.
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