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Pouchoscopy While Awake Review!!! FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions!!!!

Why?: I did my pouchoscopy awake because I did not have a ride if I were to be sedated.

Was it uncomfortable when he put the scope in?: No, I did not really feel anything, it was great!

Was it painful?: Not at all! I did feel a lot of pressure at times but there was ZERO pain.

Did you feel the biopsies being taken?: I felt the pressure of it but I did not feel any pain of the biopsies being extracted.

Did the doctor use numbing cream?: Yes, he used Lidocaine.

Is the Lidocaine free?: It should be and it was I did not pay extra for Lidocaine

Was the procedure pretty quick?: Yes, it was way under 5 minutes.

Did you feel pain after everything was over?: Not at all.

Were you able to drive home without any problems?: Yes, I drove all the way home and did fine.

Was it cheaper doing it awake?: Yeah, I did a comparison and it was waaayyy cheaper doing it awake.

Were you nervous?: YEAH!!! I was really nervous it was going to hurt but it did not at all.

Were you able to talk to the doctor during the procedure?: Yeah, he even explained a lot of stuff and he answered all of my questions.

Was the screen big?: Yeah it was like a big tv lol.

Did the air pump feel uncomfortable while awake?: Yeah but its okay.

Did the water thingy feel weird while he was spraying inside of you?: A little but its totally fine lol.

Did he take pictures?: Yeah, I still have them.

Did you pass gas?: After everything was over,  I went to the bathroom and passed gas and pooped afterwards too.

Did they take your blood pressure throughout the procedure?: Yeah.

Did you wear a mask throughout the the entire thing?: Yeah.

Do all gastros do pouchoscopys awake?: No unfortunately. I had to call a bunch of gastro clinics and talk to the manager to send messages out to the doctors to ask them that question, it took a while to find one that would do it awake, but do not give up looking

Would you do it again?: YEAHHHH!!!! Its cheaper and you get more info and you can drive home, HEYYYY!

Do they still give you an IV?: Yeah.

What time do you recommend getting the procedure done?: As early as possible so you can eat and hydrate ASAP

My pouchoscopy was normal

**I hope I answered all of the FAQ, if you have anymore questions that I missed, write them down below or send me a message**

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