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Reply to "Pouchoscopy Prep Question - Can do without laxative?"

@AMB posted:

Just had the procedure yesterday with . Dr Bo Shen's at Columbia.  

prep was clear liquids day prior and 1 bottle of Miralaxpowder (Polyethylene Glycol : 238 gmsor 8.5 oz.) mixed with 64 oz. bottle of Gatorade.  Drink 8 oz every 10-15 starting 6pm the night before, and plenty of clear liquids during prep. Then nothing by mouth 6 hrs before procedure.

This was also a component of the bowel prep prior to surgery with Dr. Kiran.

As someone who has suffered greatly with various prep methods in the past, I found it remarkably easy, especially for the pouchoscopy  

but as others have noted:  prep should be agreed upon by the endoscopist beforehand  

Hey AMB,

How did it go with Shen? Did you have the banding?

Regarding the prep, I had the same with Shen which was way more than my local surgeon. I think it depends on what they plan to do during the scope. If they’re going to band and/or treat a sinus tract with needle knife than they probably want things a bit cleaner. Hence the laxative.

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