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Reply to "pouch-vaginal fistula - how to repair?"

I am in New Orleans and Dr Beck has changed his plan to be flap advancement not martius flap
I am not thrilled as this is why I traveled so far at great expense and hassle
now i either say do not do this just take out the seton or take a chance
success rate supposedly not as good as that of martius flap
I will never agree with surgeons choices when they have no clue what we go through
after reading poor Shelly's dilemma it seems removing the pouch is not the answer either
so disgusted
the disease that keeps giving
by the way by no means does this mean anyone has crohns
I certainly do not
no rhyme or reason why fistulas appear
they are not exclusive to colonless people
women who undergo radiation get them from the radiation
another medical nightmare to go through that causes more problems like chemo
all guinea pigs in the scheme of things
will update you after the surgery tomorrow
I have no clue how long it takes to know if this is a success
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