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Reply to "Permanent Ileostomy to a K-Pouch or BCIR?"


Good idea on the cup of water! I also use the enema bottle suggestion that was given now. Lots of restrooms are not offering any selves or hooks anymore, let alone sinks in the handicapped spaces. Just saw that today. 

We are now seeing a lot of unisex bathrooms where you share sinks in the middle of the room and no walls at all! Just a 4 foot little door.Horrible idea, I ran into that in Europe a few years ago too.

Schools  are doing that also, oh my, no where to go in times of stress ,when you need to talk to a friend or need a quick cry .Goodness just to look at your backside ( is anything showing?) Tell a secret .. a bunch of things, make-up touch-ups. Let alone 

LOUD POOP 💩 sounds, Smells!!! What has this world come too? 

Next time I get a letter from my congressman on what I feel is important,That will be my topic, anyone agree?

Do hope you all see the humor is this as I have intended it as such. I made a mess of myself in the Dr office today again and am just determined to think C’est la vie!!😎

Enjoy each day





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