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Reply to "Permanent Ileostomy to a K-Pouch or BCIR?"

Hi Kristin 

Happy 4th💥🇺🇸

Have read this several times and really feel for you! Just need to put in my 2 cents. You are very young.

i am not sure what the others have left of their bowel, but I have had 2 other j pouches and total colon removed, rectum and anus. I had complications with the ostomy.

K pouch for not quite a year. I have to intubation at least 8 times a day and it awakes me every night 2/3 times.

I have seen many experts and do not want go into all details now , but it’s been quite difficult to carry on , finding places to empty and my life is very different as to what I can eat and what I can do now.

If I could I would have the external bag again.

I don’t want to be negative as I am very grateful to be alive, but wouldn’t want you to do something uninformed about what can happen and you are young and a bag is really not so bad.

If you want to talk to me, you can private message your number.

I appreciate all support but don’t want anyone mad at me as these are tremendous people here. I have followed since 2006.






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