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Permanent Ileostomy to a K-Pouch or BCIR?

Hi, everyone!

I am 24 years old and over the last 2 years I have undergone 4 surgeries due to ulcerative colitis. I had a temporary ileostomy created in August 2016, followed by my j-pouch creation/ loop ileostomy surgery in March 2017, my reversal in May 2017, and then my j-pouch/ anus/ rectum removal in September 2017 after my j-pouch failed. 

Accepting that I now have a permanent ileostomy has been challenging, but it has allowed me to become healthier than I have been in the previous 2 years.  

Recently, I have been researching the option for a k-pouch or BCIR for a chance to live bag-free and I am looking for positives, negatives, and everything inbetween. I realize that both the k-pouch and BCIR can come with their own complications, just as there can be complications with a j-pouch (been there, done that) or an ostomy, and that everyone is different. 

I have been reading as much as possible, but I am not sure where to even start when it comes to the idea of a k-pouch or BCIR. If anyone is willing to share their experiences, recommendations, or advice, I am open to hearing the good and the bad. Ideally, I would like to become even stronger before considering another surgery like this.


Thank you so much in advance! -Kristen

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