Reply to "Passing on the gene"

Thanks Laura, 

I support everything that you said. We cannot (although we would like to) control what type of genetic code we pass down to our kids and even when we think that we have we may get something completely different than expected. 

We should not feel guilty about wanting kids and having them naturally. Anyone that tries to shame you for having made that choice should be publicly flogged with a rubber chicken!

I do not think that my parents expected a kid with so many problems but they got me (more than they bargained for).  My dad taught me early to face up to things, do my best and never give up. He was an optimist. I inherited that from him along with the rest. 

I am tough and a fighter, much more so than many healthy people that I know of. Am I happy that I was born this way? No. Would I have preferred not to have been born at all?  Ask me on Monday morning or 6 weeks from next Tuesday...most days I am fine with it, too busy to think about my body or my problems...but some days I curse the Gods of healthcare and medical science for being so slow.

Tonight I had a table full of food, family and friends...I shopped for 2 days and cooked for 12 hours then served and enjoyed watching them all eat.

Cooking is therapy and helps pass love on to others...

So, I am happy and do not regret my life...or my decisions.




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